Solutions For A Healthy Ocean

Ocean Collectiv creates and amplifies solutions for a healthy ocean. We are a collaborative of experts supporting clients in advancing ocean sustainability, while centering social justice. We provide fresh ideas on policy, science, and communications.

Our Work Is About People

A healthy ocean is critical to food security, economies, and cultures. All that is jeopardized by climate change, overfishing, pollution, and coastal development. Poor and minority coastal communities bear the greatest brunt of the declining state of our ocean.

Creative, Intersectional, And Practical

For each project, we tailor the ideal interdisciplinary team from our diverse roster of experts. Collectively, our projects build public, corporate, and political will for using the ocean without using it up. Our work moves ocean conservation into the mainstream.


  1. Research and Analysis Icon Research and Analysis
  2. Program Innovation Icon Program Innovation
  3. Community-Building and Engagement Icon Community Building
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Case Studies

  1. Envisioning urban ocean conservation
  2. Leveraging technology to unlock ocean data
  3. Protecting coral reefs in a changing climate
  4. Building a grassroots movement for science
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Clients signed under Ayana Elizabeth Consulting LLC, prior to formation of Ocean Collectiv.


Ocean Collectiv is more than the sum of its parts

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How can you contribute to a healthy ocean for all? Get informed using our favorite resources on a range of ocean topics. Check out our list of recommended actions you can take. Attend an event to build your ocean literacy and build community. And spread the word!

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