How can you contribute to a healthy ocean for all? Get informed using our favorite resources on a range of ocean topics. Check out our list of recommended actions you can take. Attend an event to build your ocean literacy and build community. And spread the word!


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COMING SOON: Our favorite resources to get informed on a range of ocean topics.

Take Action!

Right Now

  1. Support climate action Take to social media and phone your representatives in support of the Paris Agreement and the states, cities, and companies declaring #WeAreStillIn.
  2. Kick your plastic addiction Start by ditching straws (pledge to #StopSucking) and don’t stop there. Ask your elected official to support plastic reduction measures.
  3. Celebrate June as Ocean Month Find an event, bring your friends and family, spread the word.


  1. Rock the Vote Register to vote, vote in every election, and be an engaged citizen.
  2. Reduce your footprint Calculate your carbon footprint and then shrink it.
  3. Use way less plastic Take this pledge to refuse, reduce, reuse, recycle.
  4. Get informed Dig into our curated set resources on key ocean issues.
  5. Choose sustainable seafood Download the Seafood Watch app and stick to the green list.
  6. Choose sustainable all food Support small, diverse local farms. What happens upstream matters.
  7. Clean up the coast Participate in beach and river cleanups, and track your impact using Litterati.
  8. Be an ocean-friendly tourist Choose a resort with the highest standards in sustainability.
  9. Donate to an ocean cause You can find some of our favorites on our resource page.
  10. Help spread the word! Share what you know, what you learn, and what we share @oceancollectiv with #oceancollectiv.


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