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Mollie is an activist and creative technologist with a expertise in design, civic engagement, and government program delivery. Most recently, Mollie served as a designer and founding member of the United States Digital Service in the Obama White House, where she worked to improve the government’s ability to deliver human-centered services for the American people.

Mollie has built a unique career at the intersection of design and social justice, which began as an organizer on the streets of Los Angeles, learning from leading environmental justice advocates. She went on to run voter registration and Get Out the Vote campaigns for young people and communities of color in Oregon, lead communications campaigns for statewide public health policy and help pass state legislation to address human trafficking, climate change and immigration policy.

Mollie began her design work during this time, creating web and print materials for candidates, non-profits, small businesses and startups around the country. She has expertise in visual design, UX, service design and product strategy.

In 2013, Mollie brought her passion for creative impact into tech and government. She served as a Presidential Innovation Fellow at the Department of Veteran’s Affairs, where she led an human-centered design project to improve Veterans’ experiences with VA services. As a founding member of the US Digital Service at the White House, she worked on a wide array of efforts -- from improving immigration application processing to streamlining access to public assistance --always bringing the needs of the people to the forefront of how public services are designed.

Mollie speaks regularly about government, civic engagement and the role of design. Her work has been covered in publications such as Fast Company, Gizmodo, and The Atlantic.