• Marvourneen K. Dolor, Ph.D.

Founding Member, Ocean Collectiv

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  •      - Environmental policy analysis
  •      - Ocean conservation
  •      - Science communication
  •      - Water resources management

Marvourneen K. Dolor, Ph.D. is an Environmental Scientist with 10+ years of research and policy experience. Her focus area is linking scientists and policy-makers by synthesizing large amounts of technical information to determine the most productive solutions to complex problems.

Marvourneen works with the U.S. Department of Transportation's Saint Lawrence Seaway Development Corporation, where she manages the Great Lakes Ballast Water Collaborative, advises the Ballast Water Working Group, and provides environmental policy analysis. She recently  worked with the Great Lakes Observing System where she focused on organizational development and stakeholder engagement. She has also worked with the Ending Illegal Fishing Project at the Pew Charitable Trusts. While there, she contributed to efforts to ensure the entry into force of the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization's 2009 Port State Measures Agreement, which occurred in June 2016.

Marvourneen holds a Bachelor's degree with High Honors in Marine and Environmental Sciences from the United States Coast Guard Academy, and Master's and Doctoral degrees from the University of Maryland, College Park in Analytical & Environmental Chemistry.