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Fishing provides livelihoods for 11% of the world's population. [1]

In coastal communities, often 70% of the population relies on seafood for their primary source of protein. [2]

32% of global fish populations are overfished, and an additional 58.1% are fully exploited.  [3]



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Fact Sheet: Overfishing | Waitt Institute

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Know Your Seafood | One World One Ocean

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Sustainable Fisheries | European Commission


Choose sustainable seafood. Monterey Bay Aquarium’s Seafood Watch is a searchable guide helps you choose seafood that’s fished or farmed using methods that minimize environmental impact. Download their app to access a list of restaurants and stores which stock ocean-friendly options.


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Northwest Atlantic Marine Alliance  - "NAMA is a fishermen-led organization building a broad movement toward healthy fisheries and fishing communities."

Dock to Dish - "Dock to Dish programs connect small-scale fisheries to regional communities in sustainable seafood sourcing cooperatives that build resilience to climate change."

GreenWave - "GreenWave is an ocean farmer and fisherman-run organization dedicated to building a new blue-green economy that creates jobs, mitigates climate change and grows healthy food for local communities."

Global Fishing Watch - "Global Fishing Watch enables anyone with an Internet connection to see fishing activity anywhere in the ocean in near real-time, for free."

The Blackfish - "European based conservation organisation on a mission to change attitudes towards our precious oceans and work to protect the unique life within them."