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  • — Marine social science
  • — People-sea connection
  • — Professional surfing

Dr. Easkey Britton is an internationally renowned professional surfer, artist, scientist and explorer from Ireland. Her parents taught her to surf when she was four years old and her life has revolved around the ocean ever since. She pioneered women’s big-wave surfing in Ireland as the first woman to surf Aileens at the Cliffs of Moher and Mullaghmore, where her performances have earned her international recognition including a prestigious Global WSL Big Wave nomination. Britton is a five-time Irish national surf champion, and holds a Ph.D. in Marine Environment and Society, but her real work lies in promoting a healthy relationship between people and the sea by using her passion for the ocean to jump-start social change.

Her ground-breaking journey to Iran in 2013 introduced the sport of surfing to women and local communities and is featured in the award-winning documentary film, "Into the Sea”. Easkey has co-organised and facilitated international gatherings around the world promoting social change and leadership including the world's first global "Into the Sea” in Indonesia, 2015. Named an ‘Agent of Change’ by Surfer magazine in their special Ocean Edition, surfing is Easkey’s active metaphor for life. An inspirational public speaker, her work and unique connection to the ocean led her to being asked to talk at TEDx Dublin.

Currently a post-doctoral research fellow at NUI Galway, Britton co-leads the interdisciplinary NEAR-Health work package on nature-based solutions: a framework to use coastal blue space to restore health and wellbeing. This year, she founded Like Water, a platform to explore innovative ways to reconnect with who we are, our environment and each other, through water.


http://likewater.blue, @likewater_blue


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