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  • Amanda Bushell

Founding Member, Ocean Collectiv

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  •      - Aquaculture
  •      - Feed technology
  •      - Insect-based feed substitutes
  •      - Food industry
  •      - Seafood marketing and retail

Amanda Bushell is a director at Trove Worldwide consulting group, focusing on companies that intersect food and technology to feed the world and lessen the impact on the environment. She is particularly knowledgeable about aquaculture, both freshwater and marine. Amanda is a candidate for her MBA as well as a Masters of Environmental Management at Duke University with a focus on fisheries and food tech. She is the director of feed at the North American Coalition for Insect Agriculture. Amanda worked at WalMart in their global food sourcing department developing a strategy to lessen food waste in their produce supply chain. She also spent 3 years at the World Bank working on Public-Private Partnerships for fisheries management and 3 years at the Smithsonian Natural Museum of Natural History in ocean science communication. She got her Bachelors of Science in Biology at Yale University.