Collectively, our expertise spans science, policy, community engagement, design, film, politics, education, technology, and communications. We assemble ourselves in various permutations to create the ideal team for each project. Ocean Collectiv is more than the sum of its parts.


We do client work and public outreach, individually and collectively.

Research Associates


Our advisors contribute their wisdom and networks – and add magic.


When I was executive director of the Waitt Institute, I had the incredible opportunity to gather a dream team of experts to build the Blue Halo Initiative. We brought international scientists, lawyers, technologists, and artists together with Antiguan and Barbudan fishermen, teachers, civil servants, and politicians. The work was collaborative, science-based, and community-driven.

After a year and a half, a comprehensive new legal framework was in place. This included zoning Barbuda’s waters, establishing one third of the coastal area as marine reserves, restricting unsustainable fishing, and protecting mangroves, seagrasses, sea urchins, parrotfish, and sharks. This “Blue Halo” became a model for sustainable ocean management, the initiative expanded to Montserrat and Curaçao, and inspires related work elsewhere.

Seeing the scale of what is possible when a diverse collection of experts come together to create and implement solutions, I was inspired to build an organization that could pull together the dream team for any ocean conservation challenge. Thus, the Ocean Collectiv.

- Ayana Elizabeth Johnson, Founder and CEO, Ocean Collectiv